Best Vape Pens

prism,feather,flacko jodye and rubi

If you’re deciding on what vape pen to buy you may be wondering where to start. There are many different kinds of vaping pens to use and it can be quite a difficult task to know what kind suits you.

Well fear not, we are here with some of our best top sellers to help you narrow down your search.

1.    Rubi

The Rubi has been awarded the ‘best e-cig of 2017’ by The Vape Guide. This innovative vaping pen has ceramic coil technology which allows the vapour to heat slowly, leaving you with a smooth and tasty flavour. This model is only 4 inches tall, which means it is super compact and therefore really easy to carry around with you. The refillable pod takes up to 1ml of liquid, meaning you can switch flavours often without wasting anything. It has a leak proof design and powers off automatically after 8 seconds, meaning if you forget to turn it off you won’t be wasting battery.

 2.    Feather

The Feather is the ultimate in compact and lightweight design. This vape pen feels like you have stepped into the future because it is so small at only 80mm tall and 8mm wide. You will be surprised that it is so powerful. With a 2ml refillable tank, this little pen can hold a lot more than you would think. A rechargeable lithium battery means that it can last longer than other pens, and you can recharge it on the go with the micro-USB charging port.

 3.    Prism+

Awarded the ‘best overall vape pen of 2017’ by The Vape Guide, the Prism+ is ultra-compact at only 10.5cm tall. It has an all ceramic heating chamber with a ceramic plate. It has a temperature control, allowing the user to access different temperatures, depending on the user’s needs. It has a micro-USB charging port which means it can be charged wherever you have the correct cables.

 4.    Gravity

The Gravity was voted the ‘best vape pen of 2016’ by The Vape Critic and still lives up to that name. It has temperature controls which allow the user to control the temperature to a much more refined degree. The titanium coils on this vape pen are designed to last for a long time, while making sure that the liquid inside doesn’t heat up too quickly and burn – leaving the user with a bad taste. It has an auto-shut off feature after ten seconds so it doesn’t waste battery while you’re not using it.

 5.    Flacko Jodye

Designed by A$AP Rocky, this pen has such a unique design that you’ll be the envy of everyone. It features a wood grain finish with gold trim, so if you’re feeling like pushing the boat out then this is the pen for you. Fully controllable temperatures and titanium coils mean you have more control than ever over your vape. It is small and compact meaning you can carry it with you wherever you go, but also comes with a leather case to protect it from damage while out and about.


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