Dab Pen 101


What is a dab pen?
A dab pen is a vaporiser pen which is specifically designed to allow the user to vape cannabis concentrates. Normal dab pens come with atomisers and coils for heating the material up. You then inhale through the pen in order to get the vapour. There are so many different kinds of dab pen, with hundreds of different specs, sizes, colours and shapes to choose from. This is part of the reason that they are becoming more and more popular.

Who can use dab pens?
Because they are exclusively designed to inhale cannabis concentrates, most of the users of dab pens are medicinal marijuana users. However it is also used by heavy recreational smokers, due to its compact size and portability. It is also discreet, so anybody who uses cannabis can use one.

What should I know before buying one?
Getting the right dab pen is important, and getting one with high quality function is even more so. If you’re buying for the first time then read this guide for what to look for before buying your first dab pen.

- Make sure it’s portable. You should ensure it’s light and easy to carry around with you discreetly. It should be comfortable to hold and use and at the same time easy to fit into a pocket or backpack.

- Make sure you buy a pen with a good battery life. There are many pens out there which don’t have a very good battery on them, which means they aren’t as portable as they claim to be. Your pen should be able to last at least a couple of hours, but preferably more – depending on what you want to use it for.

 - Have a look at what charging options there are out there. Most dab pens charge via USB cables, but if your pen comes with car or otherwise portable chargers then this is a good option.

- Some pens will come with attachments such as removable glass orbs which allows the user to see the vapour form. Also, having a glass water pipe attachment will give you a smoother vape. So think about what you want and whether your chosen dab pen has attachments that can make this happen for you.

- Another important thing to check is the quality of the materials. Making sure the pieces of equipment are made out of suitable materials will help your dab pen to last much longer. Ceramic plates are good because they are durable and heat up quickly. The outside finish also should be made of something which can go through everyday life without getting too beaten up.

- Consider the wattage capability and coil material, to ensure that your dab pen can produce the vapour clouds that you want.

- Make sure you get one that you can adjust, even on the move. Being able to switch between more flavour and less cloud, or vice versa, is definitely something to consider.

Overall, your dab pen needs to be able to work for you, but hopefully by reading this guide you’ll have a greater understanding of where to start.


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