Dab Pens for Beginners


The vaping world is bigger than ever, and with new products being addedeverydayit can be hard to keep track of all the new gadgets and gizmos that are on the market. One of these new products is a dab pen. 

You may have heard of dab pens before, and may even be familiar with using them. However, if you are brand new to the world of dabbing then read on to find out a bit more about dabbing and dab pens.

First things first, what are dabs? A dab, in the traditional sense is a small amount of something.However, in the wonderful world of vaping, dabs are a concentrated form of marijuana with a high THC content. They look like hard pieces of honey and have a brittle consistency. Originally called dabs because they could be ‘dabbed’ onto a hot surface in order to burn it and the resulting emissions could be inhaled. Dabs are much more potent than regular inhalation of medical marijuana as the amount of THC that is delivered is much more than the traditional way of getting it into your system.

So next up is dab pens. Dab pens are small and portable vaporisers which allow you to burn the dabs and vaporise the active ingredient. The difference between a dab pen and another type of vaporiser is that dab pens have been specifically designed so that they can hold dabs safely and securely. They are also known as wax pens, because the THC concentrate can sometimes look like wax – hence the name.

There is also vape pens which are similar, but not to be confused with dab pens. Many vape pens are generally for dry herb, so make sure you are checking the spec of the pen before you’re buying it. There are also some kinds of pen which claim to be able to vaporise dry herb and concentrates. However, these types of pen are generally not as well equipped to handle concentrate, so if this is your preferred method then you would be better off sticking to dab pens.

Why use a dab pen over other methods of inhalation? Some people still prefer to use THC concentrates, but they are of the opinion that you can simply heat the dabs up and inhale the vapour that way. However, there is a much better way of inhaling this concentrate – vaping. Vaporisation is much more efficient than just burning the THC, as you can control it better and you’re not wasting any valuable dabs.

The best thing about dab pens is that they’re not expensive. Anyone can afford them and if you are a medical marijuana user or even a recreational cannabis user then you should take advantage of the technology out there. They are so easy to use and even easier to maintain. Just make sure you’re cleaning it out regularly and your dab pen will be good to use for a long time.


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