Glass Dome Vaporizers - A Great First Time Option

Vaping Glass Attachment and Vaping Glass Perc

As vaporizers continue to gain traction and popularity in the world today, we have seen millions of new users jump into the herbal market industry. Still, we find some hesitant to embrace the newly made “smoking” methods, citing the risks of the reliability of vaporizers and the capacity. But it is now clear that with the innovation of the vape pens, and the new generation of glass dome vape pens appearing on the market, that the traditional smoking methods can no longer compete.

The amount of vapor you can produce in modern devices easily beats any traditional smoking method by a huge margin. Also, vape pens can support dry herbs, waxes or oils; and if you mod them correctly with vape pen glass domes it all remains safe. With all the replacement parts easily available online, vape pens are quickly taking over the herbal market. We find more and more cannabis lovers are changing over to vape pens every day. And the KandyPens is an amazing example of how a company is improving the quality of vaporizers, being one of the best in the industry. With glass dome vape pens being one of their leading products.

What is a glass dome vaporizer for?

While some manufacturers do state you can use glass domes with dry herbs, they are made to vaporize concentrates, waxes, and thicker oils. This is because the bowl is not really big enough to load a nice amount of flower. And do not even think about filling it up with a thin liquid because you will find it leaking as soon as it falls on its side.

No more clogging

KandyPens only uses high-quality vape pen gloss dome designs, you will find that our pens do not clog up. We test the air volume rates and ensure that even with heavy use that the flow of that lovely pure vapor never stops. Glass dome vaporizers have always received higher rated reviews and better feedback from customers. You can find many bloggers that confirm that the glass dome vape pens are the way forward.

This is because when you have plastic or other harmful composition as your dome, with the heat of the coil, it could potentially burn into a harmful toxin. This is dangerous for you and brings a bad taste with your wax or dry herbs. With glass, there is no risk of it burning so you are left with the natural flower aroma.

Sure glass can sometimes become a little dirty and you will need to clean it regularly. But that is a small price to pay for being safe. We like to start with the right materials when designing a vape pen, and a glass dome is crucial. It may mean that your vape pen is a little more fragile, but as long as you have a good box to carry it in you can easily place it in your bag without any worries.

Glass dome vape pens are easy to use and an amazing way to start your voyage of vaping cannabis, so check out KandyPens today for some great options.


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