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If you’ve been using vape pens for a while then you might think you know everything there is to know about them. However, we’re sure you’ll find maybe one or two facts on this list. So read on and learn some interesting conversation starters the next time you meet someone new (particularly if they’re vaping!)

They’re not just for getting a nicotine fix

Many people do use vape pens as a substitute for smoking, and a large chunk of these people do so with the intention of cutting down and eventually quitting. However, because you can get e-liquids with a zero percent nicotine content, it’s also become popular with people who are looking to lose a little weight. They can satisfy cravings with different flavours and it gives them something to do other than eat – without the risks of actually smoking.

It’s more mainstream than you think

In 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary announced that their word of the year was going to be ‘vape’. Editors have said that the reason behind it was because it had become a lot more mainstream, with celebrities endorsing it. Because of this, the term ‘vape’ had seen a significant rise in usage in this year, leading to it becoming their word of the year.

It is big business

Although it may seem like only a few weeks ago that you heard of vaping, the business is booming. The vape pen industry is worth approximately $10 billion in 2017. Considering it was only worth $39 million in 2012, we think this kind of growth is something to be excited about.

Made in China

It was 2003 when Chinese inventor Hon Lik found out how to consume nicotine without the need for combustion. Although he originally decided on using a piezoelectric ultrasound element to vaporise the nicotine solution, this isn’t how we use vape pens anymore. However, this breakthrough led to the vape pens that we know and love today. Thanks Hon Lik!

It’s not as unknown as people think

Although many people claim that not nearly enough studies on vaping and vape pens have been done, there is actually plenty. There have been so many scientific studies out there that find out what vaping does and how it works. Have a look at Vape-O- Rama, who have created a fully fleshed out guide to 125 separate studies on vaping (and that’s not even the half of them!) There are no long term studies as of yet, as we’re dealing with an industry which isn’t even old enough to drink yet, but these will come in time.

Better than e-cigs

E-cigs were the original form of smoking a vapour substance, but since then vape pens have taken over their place in number one. Vape pens give you far more control over what you’re putting in them, from flavours to nicotine content. You also get to decide on your set up, giving you a truly unique experience. It’s no wonder that the sales for e-cigs have dropped since the arrival of vape pens.