The Advantages of Vape Pen Attachments

Vaping Bubblers

Three years ago the word “Vape” was voted as the word of the year. Today it is associated with using marijuana vaporizers or e-cigarettes, and the quality of the devices is growing every day. Innovations are always hitting the market, making devices more portable and safer for customers. And it is easy to see why vaping is filtered way more than smoking tobacco or marijuana via the traditional methods. It gives you a range of health benefits and takes away a lot of the risks. A vaporizer is a device that heats up dry herbs or concentrates so that you can take in the best parts of THC without actually burning it. This lets you taste and consume the flower’s natural aroma. And there are many add-ons, mods, and attachments you can get to meet your needs. Today we are going to have a quick look at why you need a glass vape pen attachment.

With vaping, you do not need to clean your bong or scrape out the residues in your pipe and you will never find yourself hoovering up a nasty ashtray. Of course, oil pens can sometimes get a little messy but nothing compared to the traditional methods. And with portable vaping available it is just more discreet and more convenient. Vapor does not smell as much so you can enjoy your favorite vaping pen on the move and out in public. With compact designs, it can fit just about anywhere, so if you need to travel you can do so easily. Imagine having to store a glass bong in a suitcase! So read on and learn about the benefits of vape pen attachments.

1. What is a bubbler?

Bubblers are very similar to bongs as they use water filtration to provide you with a cleaner vape and here at KandyPens, we have the best bubblers. But they are much smaller in size, think of it like a cross between a bong and a pipe. They use a filter system to provide you with a softer and smoother hit. They are very light and easy to handle which makes it more convenient for you. And best of all they are many bubblers today on the market to use as a vape pen attachment.

2. What is the benefit?

As we already know vapor is far cleaner than smoking but with water filtration, it gives you an even cleaner vapor to enjoy. It never hurts to be even safer does it? It also acts as a cooling effect for your vapor. Vape can heat up to ranges of 400+F which by all accounts cannot be very good for entering your body. Water cools down the vape quickly so you can take hits that will not burn your mouth.

Also sometimes vaping dry herbs and concentrates can provide you with a very dry vape. Medically speaking it has been studied that vaping does dehydrate you, that is why your mouth becomes dry and you find yourself drinking more water. A glass water tool vape pen attachment gives you some moisture to help hydrate your mouth.

You can find high quality professionally made glass bubblers on KandyPens and you will notice the benefits immediately.


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