Looking for the Best Dry Herb Vape Pen?

miva and k-vape 2.0

Vaping is fast becoming the nation’s preferred way to medicate with marijuana. And it is easy to see why: ease of use and portability. Not to mention that the vapor is by all accounts much safer than smoking via traditional methods. Sleek and modern looking vape pens can be tucked in your pocket, ready to take a draw in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t matter if you just have a small 5-minute break, with your vape pen you have access to your cannabis whenever you need it. Dry herb vape pens let you enjoy your favorites herbs in a flavorful way while staying completely discrete. Dry herb vape pens are inexpensive and very user-friendly, so it is no wonder that they are the doorway to the vaping world. So read on and learn about the best dry herb pens you can find today.

What you need to remember is not every e-cigarette can take dry herbs in their bowl, you have to have the right set up. If your coil touches the material then it is most likely going to cause combustion, this will cause smoke. Here are some of the best dry herb pens that you can pick up for your vaping needs.


With the adjustable temperature controls, the OLED screen, and amazing vapor quality,  theMIVA feels like a premium desktop vaporizer even though it is small in size. This makes the device easy to walk around with and versatile enough for any situation. What is really nice about it is that it consists of a glass mouthpiece, which cools down the vapor for you to preserve flavor.

The device boasts that it will allow no combustion, which is just what you need when looking for a dry herb vape pen. This is due to its innovative design that heats your flower evenly. The screen shows your current temperature and battery life, so you will always know when you can take the best draw. The battery life is decent and will allow up to about 8 uses before you need a recharge. But do not worry because it recharges fully in under an hour. It is a great dry herb vaporizer and without a doubt, the best part is the glass mouthpiece.

K-VAPE 2.0

Another option for you looking to vape your flower and keep that amazing flavor, would be the K-VAPE 2.0, this device uses true convection technology to ensure no combustion happens. Has 3 temperature settings you can choose from, all made to vape dry herbs and heats up in under 45 seconds.

The big positive on this vape pen is its large stainless steel chamber where you can load up to 0.6 grams of material. This means you can load up a lot of flowers before you go out and may not need to carry around extra. It is always a little annoying to be carrying loose weed around on your night out! The device is made out of a durable black rubber so no worries of any burning plastic toxins entering your body. All in all a great device for the price!


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