The positive effects of using a THC oil vape pen

Slim and Rubi

THC oil made from distilled cannabis is quickly becoming the go-to tool for medical or recreational marijuana use. As you can imagine with any new product there has been plenty of research into its benefits. Normally the best way medicate is via a THC oil vape pen. Vaping allows the THC oil to heat up to the best temperature needed for optimal intake. Also vaping is much safer for the lungs than traditional smoking which is why THC oil vape pens are becoming so popular. The goal is to find out if the new supplement is indeed as good for you as its manufacturers claim. If we look at THC oil logically, then we could easily see why it is.

You see THC oil is extracted from marijuana but through the distillation process, it removes all the impurities and solvents so you are left with a clear THC product. Using a THC oil vape pen is without a doubt the best way to enjoy pure and clean THC. But what really are the benefits of vaping THC oil?

Pain relief

If you get in an accident or an incident at work then you will probably experience some form of physical pain. Sure you could take medicine and traditional painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol, but THC oil is a natural substance. The body always reacts better to natural components that are safe than artificially produced lab chemicals. And THC oil also contains anti-inflammatory effects.

Help with your digestive system

We find that commonly when you become ill the sickness can cause your body to lose its appetite. But to get better, generally, we need to be eating. When you eat less, you will become weaker and suddenly you are looking at a much longer recovery time. Well THC oil vape pens can help you with this. As intaking THC can stimulate your appetite. You see there are cannabinoid receptors that can actually influence the feeding behavior in a human.

Fights cancer

The National Cancer Institute has confirmed that cannabinoids restrict the growth of certain types of tumors and cancers. If you regularly use THC oils you can inhibit the cancer cell growth. It is early days in this research and studies have not yet been conducted with actual patients, but it is still very promising.

The easiest way to vape THC oil?

No doubt the best option for you would be a KandyPens SLIM or RUBI, both are readily available online and can vape all forms of THC oil easily. No setup or know how needed, you just fit in the prefilled 510 threaded cartridge and ready to go. The vape pens are easy to carry and look very nice with their sleek designs. They heat up in a matter of seconds so you can medicate easily whenever you feel it is necessary. With a prefilled cartridge you know how much THC oil you are going to vape so it becomes easy to monitor your doses and intake.


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