The World Of Vape Pen Accessories

Vape Coils, Vape Batteries, Vaping Mouthpieces

If you are still smoking traditionally and hurting your lungs with burning tobacco, then you are just not doing yourself any favors.The world has moved on and vaping is the way forward, it is now the safest and most reliable way to medicate. With all the different types of devices and vape pens available it is hard to know where to make a choice. It is easy to get lost in the endless different types of glass tanks, bubblers, mouthpieces, and grinders. KandyPens is looking to make this easier for you and to have a longstanding relationship with our customers. We want to be known as a vaping supply store that you can trust and to provide you with vape pen accessories that do not break.

We offer the largest supply of Vape Pen Accessories on the market and all our devices are manufactured with the highest quality. Our pieces and parts are regulated, as we follow all the safety regulations and guidelines set out by the FDA. If you need a new coil or a new battery for your favorite vaping pen, then we are a company that you can trust to get that done for you. We value our customer's feedback and are just looking to provide you with the best way to enjoy your dry herbs and concentrate. Please read on and learn about the different sorts of vape pen accessories we have on offer today.

Multiple different types of coils

Probably one of the most important aspects of vaping concentrates and oils is your coil. That is why we stock both ceramic and quartz coils, you will find all the well-known brands such as Donuts, Galaxy, Gravity Zero or MiNi. We ensure our coils are subject to our own rigorous standards so they are all next-generation vape pen accessories.

You can find coils that are leak proof, 510 threaded and handmade in the USA like the MiNi with its famous SloBurn technology.

Easy to change batteries

The worst thing that can happen to your vaping device is for the battery to start failing. Your hits become worse and the temperatures start to go wrong. This is no way to medicate and enjoy your dry herbs. KandyPens has a large selection of replacement batteries for MiNi Pen.

Need a new mouthpiece?

Did you drop your favorite device and find the mouthpiece to crack? Or maybe just misplaced it? Do not worry because this is one of the easiest vape pen accessories to replace. Your device is compatible with a large range of different mouthpieces, as they just screw on. No need for any DIY modification it as simple as ordering a replacement. Just check which mouthpiece will suit your needs and you will be back to vaping in no time at all.

In fact, it might just be a good idea to order two mouthpieces so you don’t have to wait next time disaster strikes? We have the Galaxy Glass Mouthpiece as one of our favorites, though you may prefer the K-Vape or the Miva glass extender? Not a problem at all just checks all our vape pen accessories on the KandyPens website here.


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