Wax Atomizer

Vaping Wax Atomizer

Buying a wax pen for the first time can be very confusing. Especially if you’ve decided to build your own set up and are now in the process of sourcing different parts to give you the best wax pen money can buy.

You have probably heard of the term wax atomizer, but possibly aren’t sure on what the actual meaning of this is. Well, fear not, we’re here to help you out with this handy little guide to wax atomizers.

All atomizers – regardless of the type or what they’re used for – have two posts inside. The positive and the negative.Connected to these posts is a coil which is in turn wrapped around a wick made from a heat resistant material. When a user puts wax or dabs into their device, the wick will absorb it, and hold it. The coil then heats up to create vapour – which is what you inhale. The wick is there to make sure the coil doesn’t get too overloaded with wax while at the same time making sure there is a steady flow getting to the heating element. Basically, atomizers are what hold the product and what vaporises the product to allow you to inhale it.

Every type of vaporiser has an atomizer. Sometimes these are built in to cartomizers or clearomizers but they can always be found. A lot of wax atomizers are simply found on their own. You can’t have a vaporiser without having an atomizer, as this is what begins the heating process and allows any material inside to be turned into vapour.

Atomizers can be made from a wide selection of materials and are usually specifically designed for a certain type of product. There are atomizers which have been optimised for dry herb, oil or wax concentrates and even e-liquids and e-juice. The type we’re looking at is for wax, and there is a difference between them. There is also different kinds of atomizer, and different materials used in the making of them.

Different materials offer different benefits, such as different flavours and experiences. The two main materials which are used in the construction of atomizers are ceramic or quartz. Ceramic materials have a more porous surface, meaning it will absorb more of the concentrate material. Generally, this means that you will be left with a fuller flavour as the concentrates can permeate your atomizer more thoroughly. If you are after a wax pen that offers great flavours then look for one which is made using ceramic.

On the other hand, quartz is a higher end material, featured in the more expensive wax pens. Quartz is far less porous than ceramic, meaning that barely any of the liquid gets absorbed. Not great if you’re looking for a really flavourful experience, but if you like a wax pen that gives a lot of cloud, then this should be the material you’re looking for. There are newer materials out there such as stainless steel atomizers, which are easier to clean. It all depends on what you want to get out of your wax atomizer.


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