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rubi and flacko jodye collection

As the vape pen industry explodes and marijuana use gains, even more, traction for medical and recreational use.  Patients and users look for even better ways to consume there much-loved cannabinoids and THC. Many people today are turning to the ease and reliability of the cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is distilled and therefore gives you the THC you need in the purest form. All the solvents, residues and toxins have been removed during the distillation process, which makes the cannabis oil the safest way to consume THC. If you need it for medical reasons or just like to sit back and relax for recreational use, nothing is easier than loading your favorite vape pen with some cannabis oil. Of course, you will find yourself asking what is the best vape pen you can get to easily vape cannabis oils?

As vape pens become even more modern and easy to use, the best step for you to take is towards the lovely choice of THC liquids and oils available from dispensaries around the country. Vape pens are portable and reliable, they provide you with the correct dose of cannabis oil with every draw. With transparent refillable cartridges it is easy to monitor your intake, so you know that you are following your medical needs correctly. Not only that but vaping gives you the best flavor and is much safer in the lungs. If you enjoyed smoking the flower when you were younger and miss those aromas, then vaping cannabis oil is the way for you to find those pastimes. So read on and learn about the benefits of the KandyPens oil vape pens available today.

Flacko Jodye Collection

If you are looking for vape in style and like having the coolest gadget in your group. Then look no further than the Flacko Jodye, with its mahogany finish and gold trimmings it definitely looks stunning. But it also has the hardware to back up the looks. Its 510 threaded battery will easily connect to any of your favorite cannabis oil cartridges so you can be vaping in no time. No matter what flavor cartridge you pick up, it will fit nicely in this beautiful vape pen. The mouthpiece has been implemented in a way to provide you with unmatched air flow which gives you high-quality flavorful vapor on every draw.

The heating chamber is made of titanium coils but it's a ceramic dish which means no possible accidental combustion. Do not worry your lungs will never feel the harsh smoke again, just the sweet bliss that is lovely cannabis oil vapor.

The Rubi collection

Our newest and most innovative vape pen, the Rubi gives you everything you need straight off the bat when entering the oil vaping world. The design is new and never seen before OCELL ceramic coil technology. This allows the device to be only 4 inches tall but still be capable of producing the finest quality vapor. The cool thing about the Rubi is it is air activated and it has a 1ML refillable pod.


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