So do you know what a wax tank coil is?

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When it comes to vaping wax, the real way to enjoy the botanical extracts are with a Wax Pen Vaporizer.It is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to enjoy your wax when you are on the move and on the go. If you love your concentrates and the high it brings you, then you need to have a wax pen vaporizer in your inventory. They are small enough to fit in your bag, so you can medicate at any time of the day and whenever you feel the need. Yet not many people really know how they work, do you know what a wax tank coil is?

Today the quality of these devices have come a long way, especially with the improvement of their wax tank coils. Technology has come a long way and the materials used are now of a much higher quality. The wax tank coils are less prone to breakage and you have many new features like atomizers or varying the batteries voltage. The new generation of wax pens are reliable and that is really down to how the wax tank coil works. Today we have prepared an article for you that goes into depth about these devices so you learn about how to vape your wax safely.

How does a wax pen work?

Pretty much vape pens are all constructed in the same fashion with three key parts: a battery, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. Normally each part can be connected and disconnected from each other, which lets you modify your pen how you wish. Taking off the mouthpiece will let you find the atomizer. The atomizer is where you will insert your concentrate. Remember that you do need a dab tool to place your concentrate inside correctly, as alternatively, you could find yourself damaging your wax tank coil. Once you have loaded your wax pen safely, you reattach the mouthpiece and click the power button 5 times. The 5 times click is a universal used safety measure to avoid the pen going off in your pocket. Hold the power button when you take your draw.

The types of heating coils

Undoubtedly the heart of a wax pen is its tank coil and you need to know where to find the best ones. They are referred to as wicked or wickless, this indicates what material the heating coil is wrapped around. KandyPens stocks all types of wax tank coils so you can easily find what you need.


This is normally suggested when vaping wax that is more an oil, the heating coil is wrapped around a material that absorbs some of the liquid. This protects the coil and gives you with a smoother and aroma draw. Normally you find these in single coil or double coil, you have a wide selection on KandyPens.


If you are going to vape a thicker concentrate then you need to ensure you are using a wickless atomizer. If you are a dabber seeking the powerful high, then this is the only option for you. These sort of coils will provide you with higher temperatures and therefore break down the thicker concentrates easier. They come in ceramic heating coils or quartz heating coils, both are great quality but make sure you check the compatibility with your device before making a decision.


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