James Zender

Why You Should Switch to Vaping During Quarantine

Given the recent quarantine surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, many of you are doing your part by staying inside and at home. However, just because you are stuck inside does not mean you have to stop enjoying your recreational activities. While many of us might have difficulty smoking indoors, considering a vaporizer is a smarter, cleaner option during quarantine. Switching to vaping will help pass long hours with many advantages.


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Which Celebrities and Athletes Like to Vape?

There's been a bigger focus on living healthier over the last decade. This includes eating healthier and living a more active lifestyle. One craze that fits in with this new focus is vaping.

There has been an increase in both celebrities and athletes who use vape pens. Some of them vape because they enjoy it, while others appreciate the variety of flavors that you can get for a vaporizer. Regardless of the reason, vaping is more popular than ever.

Do you need further proof that vaping is commonplace? Below is a list of celebrities who like to vape. As more celebrities join the vaping community, this habit is likely to continue rising in popularity.

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Everything You Need to Know About Flying with Your Vape Pen

While vaping has become extremely popular over the past decade, the laws governing the possession of vaporizers haven't kept up. Traveling with vaping equipment is particularly complicated due to a patchwork of conflicting regulations across the United States. Here's a quick primer on everything you need to know about flying with your trusty vape pen and its associated accessories.

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