Vaping Etiquette in 2020

Everyone who vapes today was once that person about to use their vape pen for the very first time.

It is exciting...and nerve-wracking. Are you doing it right?

Perhaps you've gotten a little beyond that and you now feel like a pro (or at least a sturdy pro-in-progress) using your vape pens.

Now you are starting to notice the world around you and what is going on while you are enjoying your gear. The first thing you notice is that not everyone likes to do this. Some do and some don't. You may also notice some non-vapers moving away when someone starts vaping near them.

You have just entered the world of vaping etiquette. What does this mean, exactly? It is the art of being sensitive to others while you are doing what you enjoy doing out in public.

The truth is, some people are very sensitive to e-liquid or cannabis vapor. There may be people around you with allergies or asthma or even serious respiratory or lung conditions.

And there may be people around you who are trying to quit smoking and struggling because they see you puffing away and want to join in.

None of these things are your problem, of course, but there is no reason to make anyone else's day unnecessarily harder either. With a little courtesy and good etiquette, you can enjoy the heck out of your new devices and be respectful of those around you as well.

In this article, learn about the dos and don'ts of etiquette so you can feel comfortable and confident using your wax pens, dab pens , and e-liquid devices in public spaces, including while you are traveling.


Is Vape Etiquette Even Needed? (Yes)

Vaporizer technology is new and fresh and exciting even as it expands. More people than ever before are discovering the enjoyment of the culture and also learning the lingo.

Unfortunately, even as this fresh new industry grows, the government in many places is working hard to put more restrictions in place for such activities.

In part, this is because dab pens are not suitable for all ages and in part this is because some people who use vaporizers are not courteous about where and how they do it.

The key to enjoying more freedom for all vapers is not to take it for granted. By voluntarily seeking out guidelines for vapor etiquette, you are helping the entire industry take a big deep breath and self-regulate before the government steps in to do it for us. 

When people who use a vaporizer do it discourteously, such as blowing clouds into other people's faces, this just opens the door to more regulations.

Soon vaporizers may be banned in places where they were previously allowed. Sadly, some of this has already happened because of poor etiquette.

If you love to enjoy this new trend, you are an ambassador for everyone who feels like you do. You are one of the people who is shaping how our culture is viewed by others, including those who cannot be near it for health reasons and people who just don't like it.

You can show others people who like dab pens are cool people by carefully choosing where you enjoy your e-liquid or cannabis. This courtesy for others benefits everyone when you are respectful and courteous. Ultimately, this keeps more opportunities open for all.

So without further ado, here is a little overview of basic etiquette dos and don'ts.


Where You Can and Where You Can't Enjoy Dab Pens, Wax Pens,& Vape Pens:

In this section we will take a look at the places where most people enjoy using their vaporizer gear.

In the home.

Vape pens, and the like have ushered in welcome changes in the home space. No more worries about furniture stains, odors that linger and other difficult challenges of in-home smoking.

And with the wonderful new technology of vaporizers, it is simple enough to ventilate your space so guests are not disturbed. Usually, just cracking open a window is good enough.

Also, the home is a great place to share the positive aspects with family, friends and guests because they know you and are likely predisposed to be interested in new activities you enjoy.

In the car.

Another traditionally popular place to vape is in the car. With the advent of vape pens, this has become even more popular in geographic areas where it is still permitted.

In areas where it is no longer permitted, such as the United Kingdom, the predominant reason is obstruction of vision. When you think about it, the vapor clouds can be significant, especially if more than one occupant is using vaporizer.

It is important to learn whether or not vaporizing is permitted in vehicles in your area. You wouldn't want to rack up points on your license and have to pay expensive fines just because you get bored during your commute!

There are pens that produce less intense smoke clouds, and these can be a great choice for use while driving or as a passenger.

In a rental vehicle.

Unless specifically noted in your rental contract, it is never permitted to use any type of vaporizer in a rental vehicle. When in doubt, always ask. Otherwise you could incur hefty fines.

On the street.

Yet another place where many people enjoy vaping is while out and about, running errands, walking somewhere or chatting with a friend at a local coffee shop or park.

But the vapor clouds may put some people off or even cause people who have allergies or asthma to feel uncomfortable. It is important to think about the impact of using vape pens in public spaces for this reason. You also don't want to prejudice people against the entire culture because they have one bad experience in a public place.

It is smart to pay attention when you enter a new place and notice what others are doing. When in doubt about whether it is okay to vape inside a public space or even outdoors, always just ask the manager in charge first.

On public transportation.

The days when it was okay to smoke while using public transportation are long over nearly everywhere around the world. Buses, trains, planes, even many taxis now ban any type of activity that could produce fumes, vapors or clouds that might cause stains or bother other people.


What About Social Vaping?

Social smoking is largely an experience of the past. Sure, there are places like large outdoor concert venues where sometimes it is still allowed. Some establishments still maintain outdoor patio areas where you can enjoy a variety of smoking activities.

But in many areas, due to health concerns and especially where children or animals are present, social smoking is no longer permitted.

If you ever find yourself in a public space and you want to enjoy your vape pens, just asking others if it is okay will go a long way to ensure no one is disturbed by the choices you make. 

Today's vape technology is more advanced than ever, which makes being a part of the vaping culture fun and exciting. There is a whole world of flavors out there to enjoy and plenty of notes to compare and share with fellow enthusiasts.

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