Why You Should Switch to Vaping During Quarantine

Given the recent quarantine surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, many of you are doing your part by staying inside and at home. However, just because you are stuck inside does not mean you have to stop enjoying your recreational activities. While many of us might have difficulty smoking indoors, considering a vaporizer is a smarter, cleaner option during quarantine. Switching to vaping will help pass long hours with many advantages. 


Traditional smoking methods create a lot of odor and smoke. The benefit to vaping is that you can enjoy cannabis without bothering roommates, family, or possibly other members of your apartment. You can vape independently without having to share your bong or joints with other people, which can lead to the spreading of germs and might increase your exposure if someone in your house is sick. Discretion is key during times like this, when indoor activities are the only option around cannabis. Being able to enjoy your activities with minimal odor can truly change the game when it comes to quarantine. 


The environment will not only feel cleaner, it will be cleaner. Vaporizing cannabis compared to traditional smoking methods reduces the amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic byproducts from the air. Burning plant material creates a myriad of harmful compounds that are dangerous to human health. However, vaping applies heat at a significantly lower temperature than smoking via a joint or bowl. Therefore, the harmful effects are mitigated.


With quarantine in effect, you might be spending longer hours at home and you may be smoking much more. One of the best parts about switching to vaping is that it is very efficient. Because you can calibrate vaporizers to perfect heat settings, you will not end up wasting any product. Essentially no herb will burn unnecessarily. It will help you to preserve flower. Vaping will help you ration your product since it does not waste. 


Vaping can come in a few different forms. The first is your traditional vaporizer for vaping dry herb, in which you are vaping dry flower without any other by-products. The other form is vaping cannabis oil, which can come in easy-to-go pen forms. These types of cartridges are used with cannabis oil, wax, and other forms of concentrates. And that is all they are: concentrates. They will be much higher in THC concentrate than dry flower. This method of vaping is the most discreet and convenient method, as you can simply replace cartridges versus having to clean and maintain a dry flower vaporizer. 


Quarantine has also affected consumers’ abilities to purchase or acquire herbs due to dispensaries either being closed or too full and busy. Therefore, it can be difficult for a customer to get exactly what they are looking for. If you consider vaporizers that can have dual functionality, you can calibrate a dab rig as well as a burn herb. Essentially, you will be having a herb vaporizer and water pop. This way, you do not have to compromise for the situation.    


We highly recommend investing in a vaporizer and switching to vaping versus other traditional methods of smoking during this time. Spending more time indoors does not mean you have to stop enjoying vaping recreationally or medicinally. Vaping can help create a more odorless, cleaner environment, while also helping you to preserve your product.



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