Slim Kit White


Compatible with


  • 280mAh Battery
  • 3.5V Output
  • .5ML Tank
  • Stylus tip
  • 510 Thread Battery Connection
  • Comes with charger
  • No oil included (sorry)
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • *Not for use with Nicotine E-Liquid

  • *Coupon Codes are not allowed on this item
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Product FAQ

  • "How come I am not getting any vapor ?"

    This typically happens when the device is overtightened. Try unscrewing the cartridge just a little bit and see if that improve airflow. If this does not improve the use of your device, contact

    "I plug my device into the charger and nothing happens."

    There is a chance the battery has been damaged by overtightening of cartridge or atomizer, or possibly a faulty charger. Try to clean the connection area on your battery, attempt to charge with a different charger, or attempt to charge a different battery with the same charger. If you are seeing no results, please contact

  • "I can draw air through the cartridge but it does not activate the Slim."

    There may be a cartridge compatibility issue with your Slim. If possible, please check your device with another cartridge or contact

    "My slim isn't lighting up when I draw."

    Check to ensure your Slim is properly charged, as a fully depleted Slim battery may not light up when you attempt to use it. Also, check the tightness of your cartridge, and attempt to loosen your cartridge to see if airflow was possibly blocked.

    "The stylus tip on my device fell off."

    This is purely a cosmetic piece of your device and will not affect usage. You may also contact us at