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Amber Rose Collection Champagne (White)


Amber Rose Collection Champagne (White)

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Product FAQ

  • "My device heats but I am not able to get vapor."

    The amber rose has airflow holes in the mouthpiece, which may be "carbed" or covered to lessen airflow into the atomizer. By covering this, you will have a greater vapor-to-airflow mixture and will see increased vapor during use.

  • "The device lights up, but I can't get any vapor. What gives?"

    This typically happens when the device is overtightened. Try unscrewing the cartridge or atomizer just a little bit and see if that improve airflow. If this does not improve the use of your device, contact

  • "I plug my device into the charger and nothing happens."

    There is a chance the battery has been damaged by overtightening of cartridge or atomizer, or possibly a faulty charger. Please contact for warranty support.

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