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KandyPens x A$AP Rocky Drop the Flacko Jodye Collection

The wait is finally over! We teamed up with A$AP Rocky just under a year ago to collaborate on a new vaporizer project and now we finally get to share it with YOU! The Flacko Jodye collection boasts a luxurious wood grain veneer finish with gold accents. With a carrying case modeled after sharply designed 1930's era cigarette boxes and wood paneling of classic style Rolls-Royces, this is definitely a pen you will want to add to your collection. The Walnut Collection sold out in less than 3 weeks. Pick up a Mahogany Collection Vaporizer before they're gone as well!

KandyPens Releases the K-Vape Pro

The K-Vape Pro delivers maximum flavor and an elite dry herb vaping experience under $100 that builds on the original performance of the original K-Vape. The K-Vape Pro has more temperature options than the K-Vape 2.0, and now utilizes a glass mouthpiece with cooling technology to enhance your dry herb flavor experience. A hybrid convection/conduction heating system helps prevent combustion, while striking a balance between thick vapor and flavor to give you a well rounded dry herb session. The K-Vape Pro was just awarded "Best Dry Herb Vape Under $100" by The Vape Critic! 

Calling all Vape Influencers and Reviewers!!

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KandyPens reaches to provide our loyal clientele with a vast selection of choices when it comes to vaporizer pens. We hold a vast supply of superior vape pens and other electronics. We'd like to give you a basic summary on what to expect from our products. Over the last decade, the vaporizer pen, also known as the vape pen is becoming immensely high in demand, because of the vape pens ease of use and safer side of usage. Vapor Kits which are shaped similar to a ballpoint pen appeal to be similar to e-cigarettes but are vastly different. Using a Vape Pen will allow you to use dry herb (weed vape pen) blends of any kind.

Vape Cartridges which are spun and locked onto most vape pens, can even hold your favorite oil or wax. The heating mechanism on our pens are the absolute best in the industry. Several of our vape pens feature a button-less heating mechanism, you literally puff the pen at your own pace.

A major factor that our clientele love our products is the light weight, and portability. If you travel and still want to use your vape pen, or use our instruments during the course of a day having our vape pen makes that a possibility. Kept in your safe, pocket, glove-box, our vape pens literally fit everywhere. Providing our customers with the highest amount of satisfaction is our goal at kandypens.

KandyPens electronics features are limitless. Once again dry herb for weed vape pens isn't the only use from the best vape pen we sell. Our Vape Pens actually allow you to use wax, oil, aromatic material, concentrates, and herbal as well. Make sure you check out the label on our website before you order to see which vape pen has these features. Each vaporizer pen has it's special concentration in what you can use inside. The most incredible feature about our vape pens is they have a spot for different attachments that we sell.

We're behind our amazing vape electronics so much, that we've won multiple awards for having the best vape products on the market. Even if you are a beginner, we're the vape company to trust due to our track record. Kandypens provides customers with the absolute best pricing and product value. We have higher end vape products but even those are very affordable for the quality you receive.

Kandypens is a great place to start if you have absolutely zero experience with vaping. Most of our electronics will allow you to use smaller dosing sizes. Our products are also perfect for those who have experience with vaping too. Regardless of your experience new or novice, you'll both agree this is the most convenient, best experience you can receive on the market today.

When you hold the Kandypens brand in your hand, you'll never want to use another brand again. We offer our vape pen in different styles that use; dry herb, oil, wax, or all of those. Our Vaporizers will meet the need you desire! Vaping accessories, exterior color, and other options are available to you during our checkout process. All of our accessories, enhance your vaping experience to tailor to your liking.

Now that you know what our products can offer you, it's time to give our best vape pen a try. Place your order online today through our secure checkout. If you have any questions about vaping, feel free to call our number. In addition to our vape pens, we also offer several different styles and types of vape accessories. Carrying cases and attachments, that give you the ability to use oil, wax, and others with your vape pen. Yes, we know you're impressed already.

If we have to choose for you, we'd select the Draco, which was awarded the Best Vaporizer in 2016 by High Times Magazine. We'll actually upgrade your vape mouthpiece with air carb! The Draco Vape Pen is perfect for concentrates. This beauty even has a 10 second auto-shutoff safety feature. With the quartz crystal chamber, you'll get the max amount of flavor you desire. If you ever have any trouble with your vape pen battery, we give you a lifetime warranty. Our phone number is 855-526-3904 if that happens. We stand behind our vape pens 100%. By the way did we mention all of our products are developed and designed here in the USA? We thought you'd appreciate that.

Here's a small and quick explanation on a few pens that work for each type of substance you desire:

Rubi - One of the Best Vaporizers we have. The Rubi is compatible with liquids and oils.

Flacko Jodye Vape Pen - Limited to only 100. This Wood Grain Vape Pen is used with concentrates and oils. You could easily call this a dab pen because of the concentrates it can handle.

Feather Collection - Our feather mini vaporizers are light weight. These small vaporizers allow you to use liquid with them. They hold 2ML of liquid at a time, and are actually handmade.

Miva Collection - Our Miva Vaporizers allows you to use aromatic material. These Vaporizers have a lifetime warranty too!

Glass collection. These water pipes really pack a punch. If you want to try our new glass percs or any of our new glass products, act quickly because they sell out fast.

If you have any questions about our vape pens, dab pens, or wax pens, please reach out to us.

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