C-Box Pro Gold


Compatible with


    • Concealer Box Battery Kit for Oil Tanks
    • Specifically Designed & Engineered for Higher Voltage Requirement Tanks
    • Only 3 Inches Tall
    • Compatible with < 10.55mm Diameter Tanks (i.e. CCell)
    • Magnetic Threaded Adapters Included (2 sets)
    • Powerful 390 mAh Battery
    • Variable Voltage (Blue 2.3V, Green 3.0V, Yellow 3.6V, Red 4.2V)
    • 510 Threaded
    • Micro-USB Charging Port
    • Handmade
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Developed & Designed in the USA
    • For Aromatherapy Purposes Only
    • (Glass tanks not included)


  • *Not for use with Nicotine E-Liquid

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Product FAQ

  • "My charging port is destroyed/receded."

    Please contact our support team at support@kandypens.com with pictures of your device and charge port. The charge port is naturally supposed to be receded slightly into the device, but you may have sustained damage to your charge port if you are having difficulty charging the device.

    "The device lights up, but I can't get any vapor."

    This usually indicates a poor connection between your cartridge and your battery. Try to rotate the cartridge inside the device, adjust the magnetic adapter alignment, and clean connection area and you should see instant results.

  • "The device stops lighting on the charger, but then won't activate."

    It seems silly, but the device is usually powered off. Once the device finishes charging, the light will go off to indicate it is no longer charging. Press the button on your device five times as quickly as you can, and the device will power on!

    "Does the C-box pro fit wider cartridges ?"

    The C-box pro is compatible with cartridges sporting a diameter of less than 10.55mm. If you are unsure, please contact support.