Nothing Beats A Glass Globe Wax Pen

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Is your long day in the office too frustrating? Grab a quick vape in the storage room. Are your roommates getting on your nerves?A quick vape in the bathroom. On the move from meeting to meeting? A quick vape fix while on the go! As you can see if you do not have vape pen then you are doing something wrong. Vaping is just healthier and easier, no more smoke stinking up your apartment. No more worrying about hiding your pipes and bongs when your parents visit. A vape pen can sit in your pocket or be in your bag. Vaping activates all the goodness of your marijuana without burning the plant, we are living in 2017 and getting high is the way to deal with life. Now that you know you need a vape pen, well you need to know how to make your pen look cool.

Nothing is cooler than a glass globe wax pen, these devices keep your vape ice cold and just look amazing. Wax pens are just more convenient than your normal vaporizer pens. Sure you can carry around your vape pen easily enough, but if you are vaping dry herbs you still need to carry around all that weed! Cause come on we know you're vaping it by the pound. What is the point of having to keep all that flower in your bag?

● Wax is more convenient

Now with your concentrate in a wax form, you can enjoy some dabbing on the move. No need for a blowtorch, your vape pen will deal with that for you. And if your going to be vaping wax, nothing is cooler than topping your pen with a glass globe. Sure it may not be as discreet as usual, but if you are at your friend's party why not release a nice cloud of your favorite wax?

● Glass Globe Atomizers are better

With a KandyPens glass globe wax pen, you know that the high quality is a guarantee. And having the glass globe means you can see the vape forming, it looks amazing and lets you know how much you are about to draw. This way you stay safe and know how much you are medicating.

Not to mention that with the added filtration that a glass globe wax pen provides, letting the vapor go through water makes the draw smoother and cooler. The extra moisture provided in the glass tank lets you take a longer and better draw. No risk of getting a dry stinky cottonmouth with a globe wax pen. No matter what type of cannabis strain wax you prefer, the best way to vape it is with a glass globe. The heating chambers for vaporizing wax can get very hot, so with the glass globe, you can easily see if your coil is still functioning correctly.

Vaping is definitely the way of the future, no more sneaking about and smoking your pot behind a shed. With a wax pen, you can easily enjoy your favorite marijuana on the move or on the street.


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