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Wax Pens

Feb 15 2018

Vaping Batteries, Vaping Atomizers

Vaporizers have been getting more and more mainstream lately, and the technology behind these amazing devices has been getting better and better.

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Vaping batteries, Vaping Mouthpieces, Vaping Atomizers

When it comes to vaping wax, the real way to enjoy the botanical extracts are with a Wax Pen Vaporizer.

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Wax Pens 101

Feb 09 2018

Vaping batteries, Vaping Mouthpieces, Vaping Atomizers.

What are wax pens?

Wax pens are vaporisers which are the easiest way to enjoy vaping botanical plant extracts wherever you are.

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Wax Atomizer

Feb 08 2018

Vaping Wax Atomizer

Buying a wax pen for the first time can be very confusing. Especially if you’ve decided to build your own set up and are now in the process of sourcing different parts to give you the best wax pen money can buy.

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