Wax Pens 101

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What are wax pens?

Wax pens are vaporisers which are the easiest way to enjoy vaping botanical plant extracts wherever you are. Generally used for vaping cannabis extracts, wax pens can be used on the go and are discreet and portable.

How does it work?

The basic set up of most wax pens are as follows; a battery, an atomiser and a mouthpiece.These are all connected together  and can be screwed and unscrewed really simply. You then place wax around the heating element, being careful not to scratch or otherwise damage the coil. This wax melts and heats up when the pen is working and the user can then inhale the vapour from the heated up wax.

What are the different types of atomisers?

There are different wax atomisers – wicked, wickless and flat. They all use coils as the heat source but each individual atomiser has a different purpose.

The wicked atomiser is better for runny or more liquid waxes. This works by wrapping the heating coil around an absorbent fibre wick which soaks up the oil. This creates smooth and flavourful drags, compared to other types of atomisers.

Wickless atomisers are better used for thicker wax or oils which have a higher viscosity. There are more different types of coils which can be used with a wickless atomiser. Wickless atomisers are used for more power and higher temperatures.

There are also flat ceramic dishes, which are a much newer style of atomiser. These are good for low temperatures as they have no exposed wicks or coils. Because the wax doesn’t come into contact with the heating element, it burns much slower. This often means the taste is better and it conserves your liquid or wax much more than with other types of atomisers.

Who are wax pens for?

Anyone can use wax pens, though they are most commonly used by medicinal marijuana users. This is due to their small and portable size and the fact that they can be used anywhere. Other people who use wax pens are people who use cannabis recreationally – for many of the same reasons as people using them for medicinal purposes.

Why are they so popular?

Wax pens have been around for the best part of ten years now, but they are only recently making a splash on the vaping scene. This is probably in part to do with the legalisation of marijuana in many states, for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Another reason that they have become so popular is because how the design of wax pens has evolved in recent years. They are small and comfortable to hold – there is a reason that they’re called pens – because they fit in your hand just like a pen!  They are also discreet andportable, they can easily fit in a pocket or backpack and often have a good battery life despite their small and compact size.


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