What is the deal with Vaporizer Pens?

Vaping Mouthpieces, Vaping Batteries, and K-stick Vape Pens

According to latest reports, when it comes to sales must customers still go and look for the vaporizer pen. From working in the industry we know that desktop vaporizer actually gives you are much higher vapor quality. Yet the vape pen is the preferred way to enjoy dry herbs, liquids, and concentrates. So if you are looking a more detailed look at how vaporizer pens work then read on and find out about different vape pen parts.

Vaporizer pens are made to be compact and portable, their long body makes them look like a typical work pen. Which means you can have them about your person even at the office. They are easy to maintain because vape pen parts can be changed without needing professional knowledge. Commonly the pen contains three main parts: the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and the battery. The heating chamber has two options it is either a coil that is used to vape dry herbs or a specific heating coil for oils,liquids, and various concentrates.


This is where the vapor will enter your mouth from. When a vape pen is turned on, the heating chamber will vaporize the material inside the herb or oil tank. Remember that it does not burn the material so it is the flavor that moves up the device, not any smoke. For the mouthpiece to keep the vapor quality high we normally find them to be made out of heat resistant materials. A great choice of a mouthpiece is one made of rubber, it gives you a draw that has no plastic taste. KandyPens stocks numerous mouthpieces that keep flavors true giving you the best draws.


If you are looking to be portable and move around then you will need a good battery. It is the heart of your vape pen and makes it all work. It lets you enjoy your medication wherever you are, outdoors with no need to be plugged in. Just like a mobile phone, the vape industry uses lithium batteries to power their devices. And size does matter, the bigger your battery the longer your device will last and the longer vaping sessions you will be able to take without needing to recharge.

Heating chamber for concentrates

For thick concentrates, the coil is wrapped around a material called a wick. This absorbs a lot of the oil or melted wax and allows the coil to vaporize it. This clever design ensures nothing is wasted inside the tank. You will find that oil cartridges generally are transparent this way you can keep track of your intake easily. Sometimes you even find measurement levels written on the glass so you can monitor your exact dose. You need to be very careful to not use this sort of heating chamber for dry herbs, it will most likely end in damaging your device.

Heating chamber for dry herbs

You will see most sites will refer to the heating chamber vape pen part as the atomizer. For dry herbs, the atomizer will consist of a heating coil which is exposed. It can be used also for waxes but not oils. Unfortunately though with the coil being exposed, you can sometimes combust your dry herb. This creates smoke, which is not great if you are vaping for medical reasons.

Therefore the best heating chambers for vaping dry herbs are ones where the heating coil is embedded. If you remove the direct contact between your dry herb and coil, you will find the draw to be better, smoother and safer. You can find many vape pen parts that allow you to do this on the KandyPens website.

So why are Vape Pens so popular then?

The answer is the ready-to- use availability and convenience. Vape Pens are simple to move around with you and their vape pen parts are easily concealed in your pocket. They heat up in a matter of seconds, allowing you to draw almost immediately. This is handy if you just have a quick break during your long office hours. The pens are very lightweight and sure you can find portable desktop vaporizers, but they are almost never as slim as the vape pen. If you find yourself confined to your urban daily lifestyle then the vape pen will be the best solution.

Not only that but they are very easy to fix because vape pen parts are readily available and easy to order. They also resemble the age-old tradition of smoking, they do feel and look like cigarettes. This can really help you when your goal is to give up smoking for good. The vape pen is the closest in terms of design to holding a cigarette.

It's also one of the cheapest methods

If you are new to cannabis, then the vape pen will be one of the cheapest ways to try it. There is no point investing in an expensive desktop setup if you are not really sure if vaping will help you. Highs and THC can have different effects on everyone, and though we are sure that a strain is out there for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one. With vape pens, it is easy and cheap to get started. You can monitor your dosage, try wax or different levels of concentrates to see what works best for you. You can find high-quality vape pens with premium performances under a hundred dollars, ready to order and deliver.

We normally recommend that you start with dry herbs if you are curious about vaping. This is because ground materials are easier to predict and have a more subtle dosage. And KandyPens only stocks vape pens and parts that have the most positive reviews. If you do not have any on hands first-person experience of vaping, the best way to start out is to follow the reviews.

One of our bestsellers is the K-STICK, this vape pen is slim and convenient to keep in your pocket. It also comes in various different colors, has a titanium coil with a cotton wick. With 5-star review feedback, you can not go wrong with the K-STICK.


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